„Interview Luma verspaning B.V.“

Luma verspaning B.V.

Luma Verspaning B.V. is a young and dynamic company that, with its modern machinery and professional staff, is able to process orders quickly and accurately.

After a warm welcome by Erik Bijvank of Luma Verspaning, he immediately started work. More than nine years ago (December 2018, ed.) Luma Hengelo started the machining branch Luma Verspaning as a separate BV. In 2009 Luma Verspaning actually started with one lathe and one milling machine from STYLE. Now in 2018 there are eight machineries between the ages of 22 and 63, and the capacity is increasing more and more.

From cross table with step system to eight full-fledged machines
At a young age, Erik came into contact with the machining trade through his father’s company. This company was later taken over by his brother, after which Erik worked here for another 10 years. In the early 90s he came into contact with the STYLE step system. At the TechniShow Erik came across a STYLE cross table with the separate control console. Interest was aroused because this could complement conventional machining. “We were very surprised by the system. It was practically designed and developed with a conventional way of thinking, ”says Erik. “We first decided in 1997 to buy a Pico lathe. However, in 2003 we opted for the STYLE machines and we still do not regret this choice. ”

At Luma Verspaning, the entire workshop has been redesigned to accommodate the last two STYLE machines purchased. There are now eight STYLE machines fully machining. The latest addition, the STYLE MC 1000, has been running for a month now. “STYLE has grown strongly in the machines and controls in recent years. Luma Verspaning was really looking for the next step in our machine factory and are happy that STYLE has expanded the product range with the MC line,” says Erik.

klantcase luma verspaning
klantcase luma verspaning

The relationship between the customer and Luma often goes back years. “The most important thing is to build a long-term relationship with a customer. In addition, it is also nice if a customer wants to build a relationship with Luma. We also mainly have customers in Twente. There is then quick contact and you can simply drive by with a product that is ready ”, says Erik. In this way, the right cooperation with the customer is created. “If they have a product without a drawing, or with an incomplete drawing, I support them in making the drawing or improving it. Here too the STYLE control comes in handy. ”

Luma Verspaning is therefore of real added value for the customer. This collaboration creates the best products and fairer prices can be agreed. “It happens every day that products need finishing because they are visible on the end product of our customer. Or products that are not visible and therefore do not require additional finishing. Thanks to the good relationship with the customer, you can clearly agree on this and they ultimately only pay for what is really necessary. ”

Two new machineries were hired in 2018. Erik also notices the shortage of technical personnel. “However, your network is very important. Perhaps someone feels out of place somewhere or would like to take a step in his or her career. Also, don’t forget that salary doesn’t have to mean everything to get a job. In recent years I have especially noticed that flexibility, an extra day off and offering a realistic future perspective have become more important ”, says Erik.

It is fantastic to see that companies like Luma Verspaning use their craftsmanship and expertise every day to make the most beautiful products. We are grateful for their confidence in STYLE!